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Most people who need to sell their property think the only place to sell your property is with an estate agent. Unfortunately if you are looking for a quick sale, an estate agent is the worst place to go.

Estate agents don’t think about you, they are driven by their commission and often would over value the property in the hope of selling at a higher price simply because they want to earn more money! In most cases, the estate agent will have to reduce the price of the property slowly over the next few months, meaning a long time has passed before there is usually any interest in the property.

Plus there is no guarantee that the person who offers to buy the house has the finances in place, or maybe the buyer might be stuck in a chain, leaving you waiting often 6-12 months or more after originally putting the property up for sale before the sale can complete.

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  • I'm happy I came across Crystalinks Property, I was able to sell of my property in a few days, Thank You.

    Sandra Gate
  • After being tossed about by some estate agents, then a friend recommended crystalinks Property to me, I have was able to sell my property without any more hasssel.

    James King
  • Thank You crystalinks Property for helping me sell of my property as quickly as possible, I was able to avoid repossesion of my property by the bank.

    McGraw White

Crystalinks Property

If you’re in a situation in which you would need to sell your house fast, what you need is CERTAINTY. You want to deal with someone who is EFFICIENT, RELIABLE, FLEXIBLE, and with a PROVEN TRACK RECORD.

Finacial Difficulties


Are you considering selling your house for CASH in a very short space of time? The Estate agents are the last people you might want to consider to make that happen.



During a divorce, your most prized possession can quickly become your biggest liability. With Crystalinks Property, we could assist you by selling your property speedily.



At Crystalinks Property, we have multiple solutions to help sellers with their situations, if you need to stop paying the mortgage because you are experiencing some difficulties.



Having your house repossessed by a financial institution is the most horrible experience for anyone. In recession, the likelihood of a repossession leading to a need for you to sell is high.



'Probate' refers to the right to deal with or administer a deceased person's legal affairs - usually with regards to estate. Different terms are frequently used depending on whether the deceased person has left a last will or not. For many people, inheriting a property leaves them with more problems. Selling your inherited properties can be very advantageous in the long term.

Broken Chain


"We lost our dream home because the sale of our house fell through after five months!” The chain is a line of sellers and buyers involved in a simultaneous property transaction that rely on each other. If any of these transactions is delayed or cancelled, the chain can break, affecting the whole property buying chain – both up and down the line.

Moving Abroad


Every year thousands of people immigrate to different parts of the world for a variety of reasons: having a new job, getting married, staying with family, retiring or just seeking a fresh start in life. Moving abroad can be very daunting. It may take some time to readjust with the culture and environment of the new country you are moving to, and more finances to help you.

Health Issue


We have a team of professionals who are experienced with helping individuals who need to sell their house urgently for a variety of circumstances. For instance, if you have become suddenly ill, or perhaps you have just outgrown your house because you have trouble climbing stairs, or it’s too small or too big to pay for and take care of, then we can help.

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