Having your house repossessed by a financial institution is the most horrible experience for anyone. In a recession, the likelihood of repossessed leading to a need for you to sell a house fast due to non-payment of mortgage repayments is quite high. We are in a time where most homeowners are already struggling with the repayment of their mortgage and the inevitable step is mass repossessions by banks and financial institutions over the course of the coming years.

But it doesn’t have to be this way! The good news is that we can help you stop repossession at any time. If you agree to sell your property to one of our cash buyers, you can obtain a stay of repossession from the court. If necessary, your cash buyer can accompany you to attend the court hearing and produce evidence that the sale of your property has already been agreed. The sale can then be completed within 28 days. Even if you are being evicted on the day, we can still stop it. This is regardless of whether your property has equity in it or not.

Don’t let it get to that stage! We can help you stop repossession now!

We can SELL your property fast

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